Custom Brokerage

In the global market place, rapidly changing demands on production and delivery schedules have placed increased responsibility on Customs Brokers to provide expert customs clearance advisory and brokerage services.

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We offer warehousing and storage facilities for temporarily holding your goods in a safe environment during transit. We offer complete RCC space for storage purposes of the goods. We store anything from large industrial machines, imported goods to household items in our warehouses.

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Cargo Express

The word cargo refers in particular to goods or produce being conveyed generally for commercial gain by ship, boat, or aircraft, although the term is now often extended to cover all types of freight, including that carried by train, van, truck, or container.

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Customer Satisfaction

At Alpha Cargo Services. Our success is determined by how well we meet and surpass the expectations of our customers. Our approach starts with forming strong partnerships with our customers actively listening to and comprehending the evolving needs of their supply chains. This allows us to consistently provide transportation solutions that generate favorable financial outcomes.

In Depth Industry Knowledge

The significance of upholding professionalism drives us towards maintaining a comprehensive understanding of industry developments, challenges, and breakthrough occurrences. Our proficient team ensures a thorough evaluation of their potential impact on our clientele’s best interests. Based on this evaluation process, we are determined to take suitable action steps as warranted by circumstances for the utmost care and support for our valued customers.


Cargo solutions in todays’ business world must possess versatility and flexibility while also delivering efficiency and cost benefits that cater to the needs of top level executives. At Alpha Cargo Services we seamlessly integrate the most optimal asset based and non asset based offerings available in the logistics and transportation industry.


Alpha Cargo Services understands that regardless of whether your goods are being transported nationally or globally, efficient delivery is crucial. To achieve this, our skilled management team and dedicated staff of professionals leverage their extensive experience in logistics and supply chain management. By collaborating closely with them. You can be confident that your cargo will reach its destination promptly and effectively. We take great pride in fostering trust through consistent reliability as your chosen partner.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us with the details of your shipment to help us determine the size/volume and weight of your shipment. Details should include Length, Width, Height, and Weight of your shipment. For vehicles or machinery, please provide the make and model and any other detail that is important to the estimate.


We will send you a quotation and we recommend that you compare it with other forwarders. Keep in mind that all costs are taken into account when comparing. Once an agreement is made, we can work out further details, including pick-up dates and required documentation.

Shipping times vary from port to port by distance, routing and congestion. Transit time is calculated once the container is on board the vessel and confirmed departed. Quoted transit times do not take into account delays that may occur due to poor weather conditions, customs processing and/or examination. Consolidated cargo will take longer considering earlier cut-off times to allow for the documentation and loading process.

If you are shipping your car in a container of your exclusive use, you can put items in your car. However, you must provide a detailed list of the items in the car for Customs reporting. The driver’s seat must be accessible to a driver and all mirrors visible.


If your vehicle is being shipped in a consolidated container, no items can be put inside the vehicle. Exceptions are made to the vehicles that are OEM equipment, such as tools, jacks, and spares tires.

We accept, bank draft, cash, e-transfer, crypto currencies, direct deposits, wires, and Visa/Master card.

Yes, we sell insurance.


We recommend that you Insure your shipment. We offer Insurance for Vehicles, Personal Effects, Commercial Goods, and more All Risk and Total Loss.

Ships very rarely sink. Most often, the damage occurs when the cranes pick up the containers and the contents are shaken. There is movement from side to side, and also up-and-down movement on the vessel or plane that can damage the shipment. Weather during transit can cause significant movement also.

We provide
– Free Consultation
– Free Estimates
– Consulting on the best mode of transport for your shipment depending on budget or time
– Warehouse and Storage Service if you need to store goods here before shipping
– Pick-Up Services, Crating, and Pick-and-Pack services for commercial clients.

Once you’ve booked your delivery, we’ll send you an email giving you a tracking number. Input the tracking number on our website to get information about your parcel

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